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Breastfeeding and planning for your return to work or school

Pumping. Most women’s first response is “Ugh”. I hate pumping. When direct feeding has been going well it’s hard to get motivated to pump. Knowing when you should start practicing with your breast pump and storing up milk for your eventual return to work or school seems overwhelming to some. Or maybe you’re so nervousContinue reading “Breastfeeding and planning for your return to work or school”

Healthy Texas Women

Have you heard of Healthy Texas Women? Its a type of medicaid insurance available to women in Texas who don’t have other health insurance. It has coverage for women’s health and family planning services such as annual exams, pap smears, mammograms and contraception like pills, patches, IUDs (Mirena and Paraguard), and the implant (nexplanon). BenefitsContinue reading “Healthy Texas Women”

Mom Shaming and Guilt

This might seem like an odd topic for a gyn doctor but in my role as a breastfeeding expert (IBCLC) I see this a lot! And as a mother, I have experienced both. Someone once said in a support group, only YOU can allow yourself to feel shame or guilt.  No one can make youContinue reading “Mom Shaming and Guilt”

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